John Kanki, PhD

Managing Director, The Medical Foundation


As Managing Director, Dr. Kanki oversees strategic, scientific and operational goals of The Medical Foundation. He received a PhD in Biology and conducted postdoctoral research in neurobiology, developmental biology and pancreas organogenesis/diabetes. As a Senior Research Scientist at the Dana‐Farber Cancer Institute for twelve years, he received the Partners in Excellence Award and supervised research in MDS, leukemia, and neuroblastoma. Dr. Kanki is an accomplished research scientist with an extensive publication record. Since joining HRiA in 2011, he has created ten new grant programs, conducted over twenty life sciences consulting projects, and overseen 16 past and present Award programs. Dr. Kanki also serves on the Board of Directors for the Health Research Alliance, a group of over 80 private funders working together to optimize investment in health research and training and collectively providing over $1.5B annually to biomedical research.

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