Massachusetts Problem Gambling Specialist (MA PGS) CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS & APPLICATION

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The Massachusetts Problem Gambling Specialist (MA PGS) Certificate recognizes professional experience, training, and understanding of gambling disorder, as informed by the DSM-V, among substance use disorder clinicians. It was created to help these clinicians understand and recognize the importance of screening, assessing, and treating gambling disorders among their clients.

All certified and licensed substance use disorder clinicians are encouraged to meet the minimum requirements (described below) to receive a MA PGS Certificate so that they can address the needs of patients and clients with gambling disorders.

The MA PGS Certificate is managed and administered by Health Resources in Action (HRiA) on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), Office of Problem Gambling Services (OPGS).

If you have questions about this application, please contact HRiA here

Who is Health Resources in Action? 

HRiA is a Boston-based, non-profit public health organization with a mission to help people live healthier lives and create healthy communities through prevention, health promotion, policy and research. We work with governments, communities, scientists, and community-based organizations to develop innovative solutions for our most critical public health issues, with a focus on health and racial equity.  HRiA manages the statewide Problem Gambling Technical Assistance Center, which provides a range of capacity building assistance to organizations that provide problem gambling treatment services. In addition, HRiA operates the MA Problem Gambling Helpline which provides information and referrals to gambling treatment and recovery support services across the Commonwealth. 

If you have any questions about specific programs or information, please don’t hesitate to contact HRiA for additional information:

Massachusetts Problem Gambling TA Center
Health Resources in Action, Inc.
2 Boylston Street
Boston, MA  02116
617.279.2240 (office)
800.327.5050 (helpline)

What Does a MA PGS Certificate do for you?

  • Offers an easy way for you to demonstrate to others your professional experience and understanding of gambling disorders;
  • Allows access to a community and discussion about gambling disorder treatment in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts;
  • Ensures that you get up-to-date information from HRiA on research, upcoming trainings, and other professional development events;
  • Allows your treatment agency or private practice to be added to the MA Helpline’s referral lists.


  1. Complete MA PGS Certificate Application form including:
    • Submit resume of addiction-related clinically supervised experience and include 2 references of clinical supervisors.
    • Read the MA PGS Clinical Supervision information and upload all necessary information (letter or proof of independent license).
    • Upload documentation of gambling specific training requirements.
    • Read, complete and digitally sign Ethical Code of Conduct, Disciplinary History, and Consent to Release of Information.
    • Fill out Referral
  2. Please submit your payment at the end of the form


  • Initial Certification $50
  • Renewal $25
  • Lapsed Certification Renewal $75

Scholarships are available if needed. Please contact us with your request HERE.

Massachusetts Problem Gambling TA Center
Health Resources in Action, Inc.
2 Boylston Street
Boston, MA  02116

Note: Please allow up to 6 – 8 weeks processing time for approval or denial of your application.  This is a rolling application process and Certificate applications will be received and considered throughout the year.

MA PGS Certificate Requirements

Official gambling treatment certificate of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health​

Applicants may receive the MA PGS certificate subject to the following requirements. Documentation of these requirements must be submitted with your initial application.

Education and Work Requirements:

  • Master’s or doctoral degree with one year of addiction-related clinically supervised experience, or a
  • Bachelor’s degree with two years of addiction-related clinically supervised experience, or a
  • High school diploma with an internship and three years of addiction-related clinically supervised experience.

Problem Gambling Specific Training Requirements:

30 CEU hours of gambling specific training that may include face-to-face or online trainings. Submitted CEUs will be reviewed by HRiA.

Clinical Supervision Requirements:

On-going documented supervision regarding gambling specific or addiction disorder cases with a supervisor. (This requirement is not necessary if you currently work as a clinical supervisor or an independent practitioner in private practice.) The letter from your supervisor must state that you receive regular clinical supervision and that problem gambling issues will be discussed as they arise with clients and include:  

  • A description of the applicant’s direct contact with supervision regarding gambling disorder and/or addiction cases. (Group or individual supervision is allowed, but time spent in staff meetings or administrative meetings is not.)
  • A description of the supervised work position and work setting/program during the clinical supervision.
  • The supervisor’s signature and/or sign-off on the supervision.
  • The supervisor’s professional qualifications

Ethical Code of Conduct and Disciplinary History:

Every clinician with a MA PGS certificate must affirm that they will adhere to the ethical code of conduct, outlined in the application, set forth.  Additionally, he/she must complete a disciplinary history form.

Maintenance and Renewal

Once you have been approved and received your MA PGS certificate, you will need to renew it every two years. In order to maintain your certificate, you must submit documentation of:

  • 15 CEU hours of gambling specific education
  • Proof of continued clinical supervision regarding problem gambling
  • $25 processing fee
  • Ethical Code of Conduct, Disciplinary History, and Consent to Release of Information


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