Cathy Motamed

Director of Training and Technical Assistance, The HAVI

Cathy Motamed is the HAVI’s Director of Training and Technical Assistance. She lends her expertise in community-based, public health replications to further standardize the HAVI model and works with staff and key partners to meet the dynamic needs of hospital-based violence intervention programs. Cathy offers expertise and guidance in strategic planning, TTA, curriculum development, and assessment. Prior to joining the HAVI, Cathy was the New Jersey Statewide Refugee Health Director at the International Rescue Committee, where she administered federal grants, TTA and oversight for refugee medical and behavioral health services across New Jersey. Cathy has experience in research and performance management, training and technical assistance and coalition building at agencies including the Children’s Aid Society and Columbia University’s Center for Community Health. Cathy holds a Master of Public Health degree in Population and Family Health from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Near Eastern and Islamic Studies from New York University.