Harold Cox, MSSW

Board Member

Harold Cox, MSSW is Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health. He is a member of the Massachusetts Public Health Council, Boston Public Health Commission, and chair of the statewide Regionalization Working Committee that is exploring methods to improve public health service delivery in Massachusetts. At BU, Mr. Cox manages the newly-formed Activist Lab, which seeks to engage the school and its students in practical and relevant public health opportunities and experiences.

Prior to joining Boston University, Harold Cox served for 10 years as chief public health officer for the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. During his tenure, Mr. Cox led the process to make Cambridge a non-smoking city. He helped to organize Clean Air Works, a regional initiative in 19 Massachusetts towns to promote smoke-free work environments, which helped Massachusetts become the third smoke-free state in the country. He worked with the Cambridge Kid’s Council and Agenda for Children to develop programs to address literacy and out-of-school-time.

Mr. Cox is a trained social worker, and has extensive experience working with people with intellectual disabilities and those living with HIV/AIDS.