Stefany Guevara

Capacity Building Coordinator

Stefany Guevara is a Capacity Building Program Coordinator for the COVID-19 Community Grants Program, focusing on the 20 cities and towns most affected by COVID-19 in Boston, MA and the disproportionate impact on marginalized communities.

Originally from Northern Virginia, Ms. Guevara received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Social Work from George Mason University. Her experience of navigating the healthcare industry as a chronically ill patient grew her interest in Public Health and take on the role of a health and food advocate. She is eager in empowering individuals to reclaim their health through an emphasis on integrated nutrition–the belief that food is not solely about physical nutrition, but also consists of emotional, mental, and spiritual components. She is currently working on her Health Coach certificate from the school of Institute for Integrated Nutrition and will be pursuing her Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health for Fall of 2022.