Lymphatic Education & Research Network Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards Program


The Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN) is committed to promoting and supporting basic and translational research that fosters an interdisciplinary field of investigators conducting lymphatic research. The supported research will improve our understanding and advance the prevention, diagnosis, and novel treatments of lymphedema (primary and secondary) and other lymphatic disorders. Because lymphedema is the most common clinical manifestation of the lymphatic disorders, at least one fellowship in each grant cycle will be awarded to research specifically focused on the mechanisms, pathogenesis, diagnosis or treatment of lymphedema.

Research areas of interest include, but are not limited to, lymphatic vessel biology and pathology; physiological mechanisms of normal and pathological lymphangiogenesis; animal models of the lymphatic system and its disorders; studies (including lymphatic imaging) that address the regulation of lymphatic structure and function. Basic science and translational studies addressing normal and pathological lymphatics in organ systems, (e.g. heart, lung, intestine and brain) and the signaling between lymphatics and other cell types (e.g. immune, adipose and neural) are encouraged.

Studies focused specifically on the technical advancement of imaging technologies or projects in lymphocyte biology, leukemia, lymphoma and conditions secondary to lymphedema such as cutaneous infections, are outside the scope of this program.