Boston Medical Center partners with HRiA to improve health through stable housing investment

Boston Medical Center is embarking on a groundbreaking four-year initiative to increase housing stability in Boston in partnership with multiple organizations and agencies throughout Boston, including Health Resources in Action, the Boston Alliance for Community Health (BACH), and the Center for Community Health Education Research and Service (CCHERS).

Recognizing that stable housing is a significant social determinant of health, BMC will commit $6 million in Determination of Need funding to:

  • Invest in housing opportunities and support services in underserved neighborhoods of Boston
  • Implement and evaluate a community-based housing initiative
  • Maximize collaboration
  • Evaluate investments to drive further investments in housing stability

For example, investments will support a low-interest loan and operating subsidy for a food market in Dudley Square, address health and safety violations in a distressed Fields Corner property, make improvements to support independent living, and support neighborhood-based, full time service coordinators.

One component of the overall investment is the Housing Stabilization Initiative, which will offer grants to community-based organizations and flex funds that the grantee organizations will help stabilize individuals’ and families’ housing in order to prevent eviction. HRiA, BACH, and CCHERS, in partnership with Boston Medical Center, will lead the initiative’s development, implementation, and evaluation. Additional community engagement efforts will include outreach, youth development, and career development to promote careers in health.

Investment returns, including those made in the Healthy Neighborhood Equity Fund, small business loan payments, and the Community Investment Tax Credit, will be reinvested in housing efforts.