Climate Justice Community Connector, National Network Public Health Institute (NNPHI) Public Health AmeriCorps Program

Brief Overview:

The National Network of Public Health Institute Public Health (NNPHI) AmeriCorps Program is recruiting members for service positions that will strengthen local community resiliency and adaptation efforts to address the impacts of climate change.

Position Description:

NNPHI Public Health AmeriCorps Program has partnered with Health Resources in Action (HRiA), a public health institute based in Boston, to implement local climate advocacy and community resiliency projects and to support recruitment of members into grassroots, community-based organizations serving environmental justice communities in the Greater Boston area.

Host Site location:
Health Resources in Action (host site)

Service Site location:
Everett Community Growers (service site) 471 Broadway, Suite 8
Everett, MA 02149

The Climate Justice Community Connector will work closely with Everett Community Growers Civic Engagement and Advocacy Manager to carry out grassroots, base-building campaigns focusing on climate resilience including sea-level rise, flooding, green infrastructure, and heat island impacts among other environmental and public health impacts caused by a changing climate. The work of the Climate Justice Community Connector will result in broad-based resident engagement, particularly among the most ethnically and racially diverse, lowest-income, and hardest-to-reach residents who are most vulnerable to climate impacts. They will do this by engaging residents through door-knocking, community events, meetings, workshops, training, and community-based research. The Climate Justice Community Connector will work with residents, members, partners and allied organizations, academic partners, municipal and state agencies, businesses, and other stakeholders to increase knowledge and connect communities to social services available to prepare, respond to, and recover from climate- caused events. This position will also connect this work in Everett, MA with similar work happening in Chelsea, MA, through a partnership with Chelsea- Greenroots, another NNPHI Public Health AmeriCorps service site established/facilitated by HRiA. Collaboratively, Community Connector, the Everett Community Growers’ team, and the Climate Justice Fellow will develop and implement strategies to ensure our communities are prepared for and resilient to climate change including fostering strong and identifying new, social networks to ensure neighborhood cohesion.

Additionally, the Climate Justice Community Connector will work in partnership with the rest of the
Everett Community Growers team and the GreenRoots’ team to build on strategies of engagement, base building, and political education around environmental justice, food justice, climate justice, and urban development.

  • Teleservice Policies
    • Members will receive hours for conducting service from their home (or an equivalent location) as specified in their member job description. Members are required to check in with their Host Site supervisor at least once a day during service hours (at least once via email, phone, or video conference) if timeserving to ensure the completion of required activities.
    • Members must receive permission from their Host Site supervisor and NNPHI PH AmeriCorps Program staff before engaging in service activities at their home (or equivalent location) and must document such activities in accordance with NNPHI PH AmeriCorps requirements, except when attending the Host or Service Site in-person. Members may earn hours for timeserving when completing approved web-based training and member committee activities if their NNPHI PH AmeriCorps Operating Site staff approves the hours.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Essential Functions – member service activities that align with performance goals and project accomplishments.

● Attend the required NNPHI Public Health AmeriCorps program trainings and other professional development activities throughout the service period.
● Work closely with program staff to build a diverse base of residents engaged in Everett Community Growers’ work, particularly in our climate justice campaigns.
● Support grassroots organizing efforts to engage residents, low-income residents, immigrants, people of color, and youth in community meetings focusing on climate justice and climate resilience.
● Engage the most marginalized, vulnerable residents to climate displacement in city-wide planning processes.
● Research and share successful models that could be implemented in Everett and other surrounding communities.
● Co-develop or provide social media support to further Everett Community Growers’ work and messaging, including messaging around helping communities prepare for extreme weather and other disaster events via social services available.
● Represent Everett Community Growers at community meetings, partner events and meetings and regional gatherings.
● Conduct outreach on local buses and bus stops.
● Ensure that residents feel engaged in and connected to Everett Community Growers’
organizational mission and vision.
● Balance resident empowerment and engagement with project-based work and expectations.
● Work with youth and adult members to further develop leadership skills.
● Coordinate projects with city agencies and other community-based agencies, as appropriate.
● Plan, coordinate and/or help with special programs and events.
● Comply with attendance requirements, appropriate and timely timesheet documentation, and routine check-ins with HRiA supervisor and NNPHI Public Health AmeriCorps Program staff.

Non-Essential Functions

● Attend Everett Community Growers sponsored activities to represent Public Health AmeriCorps and conduct outreach to promote program awareness.
● (Potentially) Collaborate with research partners to plan and implement a community-based research project focusing on heat island impacts.
● (Potentially) Coordinate a multi-stakeholder roundtable focused on climate impacts, vulnerable populations, and potential solutions.

Candidate Qualifications:

Everett Community Growers is looking for a Climate Justice Community Connector who is a quick learner, articulate, innovative, and who takes initiative and is respectful of lived experiences and community expertise. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic, flexible, self- motivated, dependable, responsible, and creative. Bilingual Everett residents, people of color, indigenous people, immigrants, LGBTQ, gender non-conforming, and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

● Must be 18 years of age or older by two weeks prior to your state date.
● Must have at least a high school diploma or recognized equivalent by your state date.
● Must be either a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident of the United States.
● Must pass mandatory National Service Criminal History Checks.
● Must not have served 4 or more prior terms of service with AmeriCorps State or National.
● Required proficiency in English and Spanish or Portuguese: oral and written.
● Required knowledge of the Everett community or willingness to learn about the community if no prior knowledge.
● Experience in project coordination and implementation
● Strong understanding and commitment to the values of the Jemez Principles
● Deep understanding of climate impacts in frontline environmental justice communities.
● Strong communication skills
● Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
● Ability to work in a team, as well as to take initiative and work independently.
● Ability to work and relate with a diverse range of people and organizations.
● Ability to motivate participation and community engagement.
● Ability to represent Everett Community Growers in a professional manner to a wide range of partners, institutions, and community-based organizations.
● Ability to work some evenings and weekends.
● Direct or indirect experience with communications and/or public health and a strong desire to effect change across the public health sphere.
● Must have experience with professional computer skills and confidence in using computers. Comfort and experience using Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets), completing internet searches, navigating resources online, completing data entry, experience with using e-mail
regularly, including sending attachments, comfort with database and software use, and experience with using videoconferencing software and attending training online.

How to Apply:

Terms of Service
This is a one-year (12-month) full-time (40 hours/week) service position. Work will take place remotely (via Zoom or Google Meet) and in person. In-person activities may be held at the offices of Everett Community Growers or Greenroots, at one of Everett Community Growers’ urban agriculture sites, or at various locations throughout Everett and Chelsea. Business hours are 9 am- 5 p, Mondays- Fridays, with some evenings and weekends.

● Amount of the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award offered upon completion of a term of service. Members who successfully complete a full-time service term of 1,700 hours is $6,345, and the award amount for members who complete a three-quarter time service term of 1,200 hours is
● Amount of living allowance $22,000.00/year
● Benefits include $450/month for healthcare coverage and $150/month for housing needs.
● Non-tangible benefits include making a difference in their community, supporting a grassroots environmental health and justice community-based organization, receiving capacity-building training, and receiving weekly produce share from Everett Community Growers’ urban farms during the growing season.

NNPHI Public Health AmeriCorps will not discriminate for or against any AmeriCorps service member or applicant based on race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, marital or parental status, familial status, military service, or any other category protected by law.

Reasonable accommodation can be provided upon request. This document is available in alternative formats.

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