Manager, MACHW

Brief Overview:

We are seeking a Manager for the Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers (MACHW) to contribute to the advancement of the CHW workforce.

Position Description:

We are searching for a full-time Manager for the Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers MACHW, a fiscally sponsored program of Health Resources in Action. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the CHW workforce. The candidate will manage projects serving CHWs across the state with a focus on career advancement and professional development. This includes creating a menu of training programs that allow CHWs to advance within CHW practice as well as opening doors to advance in other careers.

To excel in this role, the Manager must cultivate multi-sector partnerships including CHW training programs, colleges and universities, health care systems, and community-based organizations.

The Manager of Career Advancement is also responsible for the oversight of our 6 regional chapters (MACHWitas).

The Manager will devote approximately 50% time to designing and managing of MACHW’s Career Advancement programs and 50% time, overseeing MACHW regional chapters, The Project Manager supervises the part-time regional coordinators and the TBH Coordinator of Member Engagement. Reports to the Executive Director, MACHW. This is an exempt, full-time, fully remote position. Salary Range is Mid $70s to Mid $80s depending on experience.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Manager will be responsible for the development, implementation, and oversight of training and support opportunities for CHWs to advance professionally- both within and beyond- community health worker practice. In this capacity, the Manager -in consultation with our CHW Advisors- creates training and mentoring opportunities for seasoned CHWs to advance within CHW practice. In addition, the Manager creates specialized training curricula to assist entry-mid-advanced level CHWs to develop professionally.

The Manager continuously engages CHW members and allies in the six regions of the state to ensure relevance and quality of MACHW’s offerings. To achieve this, they work closely with MACHW chapter coordinators and the Coordinator of Member Engagement.

A critical component of this position is to assess opportunities for career advancement offered through other organizations and to establish and cultivate strategic partnerships with CHW training programs and colleges/universities across the state.

Another critical aspect of this position is the continuous assessment of the training needs and professional development challenges of CHWs across the state. This requires engaging and establishing on-going partnerships with CHWs employers (community health centers, community- based organizations, municipalities, etc.) in the 6 regions of the state.

They will provide significant project management expertise in a fast-paced, high-visibility context to ensure the effective, efficient, and timely implementation of projects. This includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Developing and implementing a flexible but specific workplan that supports the management and triage of multiple priorities and needs, while ensuring adherence to an aggressive timeline.
  • Preparing, submitting, and maintaining project documents such as plans, logs, and lessons learned, from project initiation through closing, in coordination with other staff, as required by
  • Managing and facilitating the engagement and participation of project funders, the project team, the subcontractors, and other
  • Supervising, mentoring, evaluating, and supporting the professional development the TBH Coordinator of Member
  • Approving staff timesheets and schedules as
  • Communicating effectively, efficiently, and appropriately with the funders, the project teams, executive director, and other
  • Identifying, prioritizing, and resolving challenges (proactively where possible) to minimize impact to the project goals and
  • Overseeing subcontractors and monitoring and guiding their programmatic and fiscal progress.
  • Preparing and submitting all required progress and data reports to funder to ensure contract
  • Working with the Director to monitor and manage the overall project budget, timeline, and programmatic

Project Work

  • Creating and managing curricula and partnerships for career advancement within and beyond Community Health Worker practice e.g., Advanced Training for seasoned CHWs, exploring careers in Behavioral Health, Program Management,
  • Creating hands on workshops on relevant topics including COVID, resume writing,
  • Create and manage career advancement workshops including resume writing, interviewing skills, optimizing LinkedIn, and managing
  • Manage CHW centered Learning Communities that are hubs for CHWs to troubleshoot emerging issues and jointly identify solutions and actions
  • Contributing technical skills and/or content expertise to projects to ensure its effective implementation and
  • Establishing and monitoring systems to gather and report data to assess project process and outcomes;
  • Contributing technical skills and/or content expertise to other related MACHW initiatives and to the organization, as appropriate or needed

Thought Leadership

  • Maintaining or building skills in management, CHW supervision, CHW team integration, and related content
  • Creating content for MACHW website, social media postings, quarterly newsletters and other sources to promote MACHW’s
  • Presenting at conferences/events as
  • Suggesting ideas/improvements in project and/or organizational processes and systems through participation in teams and

New Business Development

  • Assisting with proposal writing and/or submission as needed; this may include working with the Executive Director and other staff to prepare scopes of work and budgets for contract extensions, as well as working with the Development Manager to prepare proposals for rebids or other new
  • Managing MACHW website, blogs, and other opportunities to market services and expertise.

Special Requirements

  • Required travel throughout the
  • May require some work outside of traditional business

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree and at least 6 years- experience as a community health worker, or as a community health worker supervisor
    • Or Master’s degree, with a focus in the education, public health, health policy or health care management and at least 2 years of relevant work experience in the field of community health worker practice.
  • Experience with training design and remote learning for adult learners
  • Exceptional verbal, written, and presentation
  • Strong organizational skills and an ability to juggle multiple, competing priorities and timelines.
  • Ability to work remotely and independently
  • Demonstrated Commitment to achieving health and racial
  • Proficient in WordPress and MailChimp
  • Expertise with community health improvement preferred
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, with an ability to anticipate challenges and propose solutions.
  • Ability to identify priority project tasks, gather input and guidance, and accomplish them independently with minimal additional
  • Keen attention to detail and a strong commitment to high-quality products, customer/client service, and team
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including strong communication, negotiation, and collaboration
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of individuals and organizations relevant to the

This description is intended to indicate the kinds of work duties that will be required in this position. It is not intended to limit, or in any way modify, the rights of any supervisor to assign, direct, and contract work of staff under his/her supervision. The use of a particular illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties, not mentioned, that are of a similar level or difficulty

How to Apply:

HRiA is actively seeking to build a diverse and experienced staff. The organization encourages multiple perspectives and experiences, supports a multicultural environment, and strives to hire and retain a diverse work force that reflects the populations we work with and the communities where we work. Diversity is a core value of HRiA resulting in culturally competent services, materials, resources, and programs. Our hiring and business practices appreciate the strengths offered through different backgrounds.

HRiA is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in employment, its services, programs, and activities. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or genetic information.

Health Resources in Action offers an attractive benefits package including medical, dental and life insurance, retirement plan, tax-deferred annuity, and generous starting vacation of four weeks.

To apply, submit your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements online.

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