2021 Statewide Assessment of Gambling and Problem Gambling in Illinois

Status: Current
Year: 2020
Location: Midwest
Client: Government organizations
Services Provided: Assessment and Planning, Research & Evaluation
Technical Expertise: Substance Use, Mental & Behavioral Health
Website: areyoureallywinning.com

Since Fall 2020, HRiA has been working with the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery to conduct a statewide gambling needs assessment in Illinois to understand the scope of gambling and problem gambling in the state; which populations are most affected or at risk of developing gambling disorders; and what structures, policies, and practices are currently in place to prevent problem gambling, treat gambling disorders, and support those in recovery.

The assessment process utilized mixed methods, including surveys of residents (n=2,029) and frequent gamblers (n=2,503), focus groups, interviews, and reviews of secondary data and national best practices. Assessment findings were used to develop recommended strategies for the State and its partners to increase awareness about problem gambling; support responsible gambling; and expand prevention, treatment, and recovery services throughout the state.

The full report will be posted on areyoureallywinning.com when made public.