Advancing Health in South Texas Engagement Series

Status: Past Project
Year: 2016
Location: South
Client: Nonprofits, Health Care (including hospitals and health systems)
Services Provided: Assessment and Planning, Policy & Health Systems Improvement, Multi-Sector Convening, Research & Evaluation
Technical Expertise: Rural Health, Public Health-Health Care Integration

Methodist Health Ministries (MHM) was awarded the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award to implement this project. The goal was to improve the coordination of patient-centered research among four groups in the 20 counties in southern Texas: consumers, managed care organizations, academic institutions, and public health systems. These groups were chosen because of their robust research agenda that often guides conversation around programming and reimbursement models throughout the state. MHM contracted with HRiA to identify appropriate engagement models and facilitate an iterative, five-session series to identify multi-sector strategies for patient-centered research and evaluation. Each of the sessions involved a unique stakeholder focus, and was designed to build upon prior sessions to reflect various perspectives. Between February 2016 and 2017, over 300 residents, stakeholders, and community partners participated in the Advancing Health in South Texas Engagement Series. The series culminated in a facilitated planning session among all four groups to identify potential collaborative research opportunities and strategies for sustaining the collaborative partnerships. This project—the first of its kind in the region— established the foundation for the development of a regional framework to guide patient-centered engagement over the next decade in Texas, and catalyzed the participation and commitment of systems players that have historically not engaged in conversations to align goals and indicators in these areas.

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