Collaborative Parent Leadership Action Network (CPLAN)

Status: Current
Year: 2015
Location: Boston
Client: Nonprofits, Foundations and Bank Trusts
Services Provided: Policy & Health Systems Improvement
Technical Expertise: Early Education and Childhood Development, Other

Formed in 2015, the Collaborative Parent Leadership Action Network (CPLAN) is a diverse group of passionate community advocates in Boston, working together to advocate for equitable access to high quality public education. The core membership of CPLAN includes parents, students, grandparents, educators, community leaders, and others connected to charter, district, parochial and METCO schools. CPLAN’s mission is to harness community voices to define quality “whole child” education for students of color and to work with policymakers, educators, and community leaders to shape and achieve transformational and systemic change within Boston’s educational institutions.

Currently, CPLAN is working to: (1) create more culturally-responsive school climates in which students with diverse backgrounds, learning abilities, and experiences can thrive and (2) enhance the school culture/climate to ensure high quality educational experiences and outcomes for students of color with social/emotional needs related to trauma from violence, homelessness, immigration, and poverty.

CPLAN’s core values include:

  • Parents and students are leaders: CPLAN provides opportunities, guidance, and the support that parents and students need to use their voices and power as leaders in their communities.
  • Relationships are essential: CPLAN facilitates authentic, powerful, and mutually-beneficial relationships between CPLAN parents and students and state and local education decision-makers. CPLAN members leverage those relationships to advance important education and community issues.
  • Empowered voices make change: CPLAN encourages, supports, and empowers parents and students to tell their own stories and speak truth to power to advance a shared, specific set of goals and objectives. CPLAN’s success is dependent upon empowering parents and students to be the voices of change and then working together around a shared agenda.