Greater Mercer Community Health Assessment

Status: Past Project
Year: 2012
Location: Northeast
Client: Nonprofits
Services Provided: Assessment and Planning
Technical Expertise: Other

HRiA worked with the Greater Mercer Public Health Partnership (GMPHP) to conduct a community health assessment and community health improvement plan in Mercer County, NJ. The GMPHP is a collaborative of four hospitals, eight health departments, and the United Way, with a 60+ member Community Advisory Board. Using a participatory approach and guided by the Mobilization for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) process, HRiA facilitated the community health assessment by synthesizing existing quantitative data and collecting extensive qualitative data to capture the voice of community residents and organizations.

In six weeks, this qualitative data collection process included 28 focus groups with community residents (youth, seniors, people with disabilities) and 15 interviews with stakeholders (health care/social service providers, government officials, educators), engaging over 400 individuals in the process. In addition to understanding the health concerns of the community, the qualitative data collection also focused on the level of partnership and integration across community agencies, organizations, and hospitals. The Greater Mercer Community Health Assessment’s data on current partnerships and level of readiness for coordination helped identify opportunities in the community health improvement plan for further action.

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