Metro Boston Tobacco Free Community Partnership

Status: Past Project
Year: 2011
Location: Boston
Client: Government organizations
Services Provided: Multi-Sector Convening, Training and Technical Assistance, Communications and Social Marketing
Technical Expertise: Tobacco Prevention & Control

The Metro Boston Tobacco Free Community Partnership (TFCP) is funded by Massachusetts Department of Public Health Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program to support community efforts to help people quit using tobacco, prevent youth from starting, and protect everyone from secondhand smoke.

Our program aims to reduce the health and economic burden of tobacco use in our communities, with efforts focusing primarily on:

  • Training health and human service agencies on free and low-cost cessation resources
  • Gaining community support for local tobacco policy change
  • Educating parents and concerned adults on new tobacco products and protecting young people from tobacco industry tactics
  • Assisting youth groups with social norms campaigns by supporting the statewide 84 Movement
  • Acting as a resource to the media and generating media stories on local tobacco issues
  • Guiding organizations and groups (including housing) working to reduce secondhand smoke exposure

HRiA manages the Metro Boston region program, but there are a total of eight TFCP across MA. Each TFCP is part of a statewide network of programs that work to enhance state and local tobacco control efforts, mobilize support for community change, and highlight work being done in the community to support tobacco-free living.