Qualitative Assessment of Use of Evidence-based Strategies in Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention

Status: Current
Year: 2018
Location: Massachusetts
Client: Government organizations, Health Care (including hospitals and health systems)
Services Provided: Assessment and Planning, Policy & Health Systems Improvement, Research & Evaluation
Technical Expertise: Public Health-Health Care Integration

HRiA is working with the MA Department of Public Health’s (MDPH) Women’s Health Network (WHN) to evaluate the use of evidence-based strategies through clinical-community linkages in breast and cervical cancer screening and prevention. The project engages with accountable care organizations, health systems, community health centers and their community-based partners to increase screening rates and ultimately decrease cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality by focusing on special populations, which include Black women, Asian women, and foreign-born Muslim women. Throughout the course of the project, HRiA will conduct site visits to build relationships with key clinical, data and community contacts with each partnership and to facilitate better understanding of sites’ interventions, data systems, and workflows. HRiA will regularly collect and analyze quantitative electronic medical record data and qualitative data through key informant interviews and focus groups from each site in order to monitor progress, share findings across sites, and to document the implementation and impact of evidence-based strategies through clinical-community linkages.