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COVID-19 Community Impact Survey (CCIS) Data to Action Webinar

This webinar explores resources available to community-based organizations in Massachusetts in support of data-driven action based on the COVID-19 Community Impact Survey (CCIS). Hear from representatives from Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Health Resources in Action, and the CCIS Regional TA Providers as they share an overview of the CCIS, as well as: What resources… Read more »

Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare Foundation

HPHC Foundation Overview The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation was founded in 1980 by the Harvard Community Health Plan as the corporate philanthropy of the not-for-profit health plan. Since 2007, the Foundation’s focus has been on childhood obesity prevention and healthy food access for low income communities and older adults. Initially active in Massachusetts, Maine… Read more »

Resources for people at risk of eviction in Massachusetts

The eviction moratorium in Massachusetts expired in October 2020. It protected people from eviction who now risk losing their homes. The latest data show that 1 in 3 Massachusetts renters are at risk of eviction during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Black and Hispanic renters at increased risk. Are you a Massachusetts resident at risk of… Read more »

Safety Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting for COVID-19

This tool was developed by the Massachusetts Asthma Action Partnerships (MAAP) as complementary guidance to the CDC guidelines. The best way to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is to protect yourself and others from being exposed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put out helpful guidance on protecting yourself from COVID-19 and… Read more »

Clearing the Air: An Asthma Toolkit for Healthy Schools

Clearing the Air

The Massachusetts Asthma Action Partnership (MAAP), HRiA, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s (MA DPH) Asthma Prevention and Control Program are delighted to announce the release of Clearing the Air: An Asthma Toolkit for Healthy Schools. This toolkit contains sample policy language, best practices, and curated resources and tools to help schools create an… Read more »

Sodium Reduction: Assessment to Action digital tools

Americans consume more sodium than is recommended, putting them at risk for developing serious medical conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Because the majority of sodium consumed is found in processed foods and restaurant meals, food service providers have an especially valuable role to play in ensuring that Americans consume a healthy… Read more »

Springboard to Active Schools: Resources to Integrate Physical Activity into the Classroom

Springboard to Active Schools, a collaborative initiative between HRiA, the National Network of Public Health Institutes, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed set of new resources for educators to help integrate physical activity into the classroom. These resources will help schools use evidence-based strategies to incorporate classroom physical activity and provide… Read more »

Webinar and tools: Communication planning to strengthen impact

This 90-minute webinar conducted by Tamaki West, MA and Karen Schoneman, MA for the Community Health Training Institute outlines the communication planning process to increase the effectiveness of an organization or project, provides real-life examples, and offers tips for effective communication with limited resources. Planning tools supplement the webinar and provide guidance for developing a… Read more »

Beyond compliance: Maximizing investment in community benefit implementation strategy

As nonprofit hospitals focus on meeting the triple aim of improving quality of care and population health while reducing costs, developing an implementation strategy to fulfill IRS requirements can achieve far more than simply “checking the box.” Rather, nonprofit hospitals can leverage the community benefit implementation strategy to advance both greater institutional alignment and health impact…. Read more »

Partnering with Food Service to Reduce Sodium: A Toolkit for Public Health Practitioners

In collaboration with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Health Resources in Action and the National Network of Public Health Institutes developed a new toolkit titled, “Partnering with Food Service to Reduce Sodium: A Toolkit for Public Health Practitioners.” The toolkit highlights specific strategies, case studies, tools, and resources for building new and/or enhancing existing… Read more »

Facilitating Alignment & Strategic Thinking (FAST)

Facilitating Alignment and Strategic Thinking (FASTTM) is an efficient and effective rapid strategic planning process for organizations or community partnerships that want to enhance performance, promote stakeholder engagement, and foster quality improvement. This Practice Brief outlines the benefits and key components of this FAST approach, and includes five tools: Stakeholder Engagement Tool Vision-Mission-Values Tool Prioritization… Read more »

The Community Health Training Institute Webinars

The Community Health Training Institute (the Training Institute) provides targeted skills development to individuals and teams working to build healthy communities in Massachusetts. We customize our in-person trainings and webinars around core competencies that include: Coalition Building; Leadership; Policy and Systems Change; Communications; Health Equity; Youth Development; Strategic Planning and Evaluation. The Training Institute is a new… Read more »

Community Health Improvement Toolkit

Health Resources in Action leads data driven and strategic community health improvement process aimed at improving population health, addressing preventable conditions, reducing health care costs, and meeting hospitals’ IRS 990 requirements around community health needs. In all of this work, we strive to build our clients’ and communities’ capacities to create sustainable health improvement initiatives…. Read more »

Community Health Improvement Navigator

Health Resources in Action leveraged its expertise in community health improvement efforts by working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Network of Public Health Institutes to support development of the CDC’s new Community Health Improvement Navigator (CHI Navigator). The CDC recently launched this tool on their website. How can the Community… Read more »

Community Water Fluoridation Toolkit

Health Resources in Action developed the Preserving and Implementing Water Fluoridation in Your Community toolkit based on 3.5 years of work designing, implementing and providing strategic oversight to community water fluoridation campaigns in Brockton, MA and Hartford, VT. HRiA provided training and technical assistance around community organizing and coalition building as well as policy and… Read more »

Smoke Free Housing Toolkit

Health Resources in Action created a toolkit to support both public housing and private landlords in creating and implementing smoke-free policies in order to protect the health of their tenants and reduce costs. How to Go Smoke-Free: A Toolkit for Multi-Unit Housing includes downloadable templates for policy language, communication letters, and press releases, as well… Read more »

Health Impact Assessment Training Series

The importance of considering health impacts in developing all types of policies and programs is now widely recognized, but decision-makers in fields such as transportation, housing, workforce policy, education, and agriculture often have lacked the critical information and analysis required to understand those impacts. The Health Impact Assessment (HIA) tool increasingly is being used in… Read more »

Public Health Services and Systems Research Translational Toolbox

Health Resources in Action worked with the National Coordinating Center for PHSSR Research to create a digital toolbox for use by public health systems. The goal of the project and of the Translational Toolbox is to bring existing research to the practical level. This allows practitioners and managers to apply research findings to public health… Read more »

Health Is Power Toolkit

The Health is Power toolkit provides positive sexual health messaging. Developed by HRiA for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Health is Power provides posters, postcards, web banners and blog content, and Facebook and Twitter content, for partner organizations to use and disseminate to an audience of young African-American men. The full toolkit is… Read more »

April 2 Webinar: The Public Health Impact of Community Speed Reduction

The Public Health Impact of Community Speed Reduction: An overview and key recommendations from a recent HRiA report About this webinar This webinar is intended for public health and transportation professionals seeking to learn more about reducing motor vehicle speed. The presentation will include an overview of the public health impact of community speed reduction… Read more »

Life after the CHIP Measuring Success: data, reporting, and accountability

Health departments and Hospitals across the country are engaged in various health improvement planning processes that include conducting community health assessments, health improvement plans and agency-wide strategic plans. This webinar will highlight the key elements and questions to consider to effectively implement a CHIP at the municipal/regional level. Presenters will use case studies to discuss… Read more »

Healthy Communities by Design with Mark Fenton

Communities are buzzing about the concept of “healthy communities by design”, the idea of combating obesity by making the healthy choice the easy choice. This webinar will introduce strategies to increase physical activity through better community design. The webinar will feature Mark Fenton – a public health, planning, and transportation consultant who is trying to… Read more »

Looking Beyond Hospital Walls

How community collaboration brings value to community health assessments and implementation plans Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this webinar, participants will: 1. Understand and communicate the benefits of engaging multi-sector community partners early in the community health needs assessment/planning/implementation process 2. Learn strategies for effective engagement and collaboration at multiple levels 3. Learn lessons from… Read more »

Power Prism® Strategies for Advocacy and for Engaging Youth

Learn about the Power Prism® model for advocating for policy creation and change. This model can be used for working toward establishing change in a variety of public health areas, such as tobacco control, physical fitness and food systems change. The webinar focus is on engaging youth in the process of policy change, through case… Read more »

Health Impact Assessments for Community Development Corporations

Presenters: Allyson Auerbach Community Health Associate Health Resources in Action Brittany Chen Senior Program Manager Health Resources in Action Ben Wood Healthy Community Design Coordinator MA Department of Public Health

Better Health Outcomes through Population Health Interventions

Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants in the webinar will be able to: Discuss successful clinical-community interventions that focus on priority population health goals. Define the role of a health department in supporting the health of the population and strategy. Describe two practical stories illustrating clinical and community partnerships. Trainers: Gretchen Musicant, MPH Commissioner Minneapolis Health… Read more »

Oct. 6 Webinar: Exploring the Gender Gap in Biomedical Research Funding

Learn more about The Medical Foundation/Health Resources in Action’s research on the gender gap in biomedical research funding, published in the September 15, 2015 issue of the Journal of American Medical Association. Meet the research team, explore the data, and hear from affected researchers.