Community Health Improvement Toolkit

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Health Resources in Action leads data driven and strategic community health improvement process aimed at improving population health, addressing preventable conditions, reducing health care costs, and meeting hospitals’ IRS 990 requirements around community health needs. In all of this work, we strive to build our clients’ and communities’ capacities to create sustainable health improvement initiatives. HRiA has compiled the following resources to help guide hospitals, health care systems, health departments, and community groups through the community health improvement process.
Additional tools include:
  • Building a Multi-Sector Partnership – including a stakeholder wheel to help you consider who should be participating, as well as a worksheet to guide your recruitment
  • Rating/Ranking Key Health Issues – a guide outlining key criteria to consider in prioritizing health issues as well as a worksheet to list and rank health issues according to criteria
  • Logic Model Template – program planning tool to identify the links between needs, resources, activities and outcomes
  • Action Plan Template – once the program model is developed, this template will turn the vision into a concrete plan, including how to achieve goals and objectives and what resources are needed