Life after the CHIP Measuring Success: data, reporting, and accountability

Resource: Tools Webinars


Health departments and Hospitals across the country are engaged in various health improvement planning processes that include conducting community health assessments, health improvement plans and agency-wide strategic plans. This webinar will highlight the key elements and questions to consider to effectively implement a CHIP at the municipal/regional level. Presenters will use case studies to discuss successes, challenges, and identify sustainable solutions to engage multi-sector groups to improve population health.


  • Identify elements of an effective model for collaborative leadership.
  • Describe methods for collecting and sharing data on key indicators to measure progress on CHIP goals and objectives.
  • Identify challenges and strategies to sustaining partner engagement throughout CHIP implementation.
  • Share a model for collaborative annual action planning.



Rose Purrelli Swensen, MBA
Senior Director, Strategic Planning and Organizational Effectiveness

Valerie L. Polletta, M.Sc.
Managing Director, Community and Culture Transformation

Veena Viswanathan, MPH
Accreditation Lead
Office of the Director Planning and Development
Austin/Travis County Health & Human Services