Jeffress Trust Awards Program in Interdisciplinary Research

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and impact our personal and professional lives. We want to assure our trustees, reviewers, and grantee communities that our TMF staff continues to provide high quality biomedical research grantmaking services. We will do our part to help manage any potential challenges and continue supporting research to the extent that it is possible. Please notify us with any questions or requests.


The Thomas F. and Kate Miller Jeffress Memorial Trust was founded in 1981 by Robert M. Jeffress in memory of his parents and is guided by its mission, to benefit the people of Virginia and their research in chemical, medical or other scientific fields. The Jeffress Trust Program provides $100,000 awards as seed funding to support one-year pilot studies that encourage the development of innovative interdisciplinary strategies that integrate computational and quantitative methods across a broad range of scientific disciplines.

To further the mission of the Jeffress Trust to benefit the people of Virginia, the research scope for the 2021 cycle, is expanded to encompass research that seeks to improve health for Virginia residents. The Jeffress Trust is extending a call for proposals with a population health focus. Applicants who intend to address the social determinants of health and/or health inequities as levers for improving health challenges faced by residents of Virginia, are encouraged to apply.

The Hazel Thorpe Carman and George Gay Carman Trust funds research focusing on either blood disorders or mental health. The Carman Trust may provide an additional award to support a project that align with these topics submitted through the Jeffress Awards Program.

Full-time faculty at institutions in Virginia that are within seven years of their first faculty appointment are eligible to apply as Principal Investigators. Faculty from medical schools and schools of Osteopathic Medicine may apply as Principal Investigators. Student participation is a requirement of the proposed research plan.

Up to five applications will be accepted from each nonprofit academic or research institution in Virginia, nominated through their own internal selection process.

Up to two applications will be accepted from associated schools of medicine.

Funding for the 2021 cycle begins on June 30, 2021.

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