Working with Young People in Response to Opioid Crisis

HRiA has recently engaged in two new projects with young people related to the opioid crisis striking the state.

Peer Leadership Preventing Substance Abuse

Justice Resource Institute has hired Health Resources in Action to train youth in the Peer Leadership Preventing Substance Abuse curricula. The youth will be coming from five of JRI’s youth group homes and recovery facilities. The Peer Leaders, supported by staff, will learn information about alcohol and other drugs, decision-making skills, addiction and how to present a workshop to other youth back in their own programs.

Young Adult Recovery Community Advisory Board to MA Department of Public Health

HRiA will be supporting the development of the Young Adult Community Advisory Board (YA CAB) for the MA Department of Public Health’s substance abuse recovery and addiction services. The work will include a training with the young adults interested in and/or connected to addiction services and recovery services. The training will focus on how to best provide feedback on services, and what the structure of the CAB should look like. HRiA will also provide guidance to the staff of the YA CAB in the development of a youth advisory group.