At Health Resources in Action, we are not traditional consultants. We are committed to delivering creative and practical solutions that produce lasting change. Our clients are big and small, public and private, urban and rural, and within and beyond the health sector. Our customized strategies have real impact because they are rooted in rigorous processes, draw from national best practices, and reflect on-the-ground experience. Most importantly, we are committed to building the capacity, skills, and knowledge of our clients and communities so that their ongoing efforts are successful and sustainable.

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Life Sciences

Private individuals, foundations, trusts, or other committed organizations play an active role in promoting advancement in the life sciences. Their interests range from wanting to learn more about ongoing research within a specific field or related to a specific disease to better understanding the career trajectories of young investigators in a particular region. In all cases, they are searching for the best ways to invest their resources to make a meaningful impact. The Medical Foundation at HRiA has experience in grant-making, a professional staff of clinical and basic research scientists, and access to an extensive network of experts in academia and biotechnology, making us uniquely positioned to assist and advise clients on life sciences research. Consulting with investors we can build the foundation for the launch of a new targeted grant program, or for assessing the effectiveness of an existing one.

Our work empowers clients with information that enhances the effectiveness of their biomedical research funding strategies. HRiA’s life science consulting services include:

  • Evaluating the current scientific literature
  • Assessing the funding landscape
  • Synthesizing information and preparing reports for either scientific or lay audiences