Investments in Health

One of the most powerful ways Health Resources in Action takes on health challenges is through guiding philanthropic and governmental investments in health. With our grantmaking and management solutions, today’s philanthropic and social change leaders can spur catalytic changes in public health and biomedical research. HRiA identifies individuals and organizations who are uniquely positioned through their innovative ideas or skills to make a difference in critical areas. Working with public and private funding sources, we bring together those willing to invest in change and those with the ability to develop solutions.  The Medical Foundation at HRiA brings over fifty years of experience, and national leadership in grantmaking, to clients interested in investing in health. Our grantmaking services include:

  • Identifying the most effective funding niche consistent with the client mission
  • Developing funding announcements and application guidelines
  • Providing information, training and technical assistance for applicants and grantees
  • Overseeing all aspects of the online application process
  • Maintaining a database of grant program activities
  • Designing and managing program web pages
  • Creating and convening highly-respected, expert review committees
  • Distributing and managing funds
  • Reviewing awardees’ progress and fiscal reports
  • Organizing grantee meetings to enhance the impact of the awards
  • Evaluating the quality and effectiveness of grant programs

Biomedical Research: The Medical Foundation

The Medical Foundation at HRiA works with private individuals, bank trusts and family foundations to design customized grant programs that accelerate medical discoveries. On behalf of our clients, The Medical Foundation manages a variety of biomedical programs supporting postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty, and individual research scientists.  Each year, more than 100 internationally recognized scientists and physicians from across the United States and Europe serve on our scientific review committees and provide critical and unbiased evaluations of all applications and research progress reports. In 2015, our clients’ programs awarded over $23 million in new research support for 85 projects.

The Medical Foundation serves a particularly important role in recognizing and supporting scientists early in their careers.  In 2015, eight of our clients’ programs supported 53 early-career scientists.  Recent evaluations have demonstrated the effectiveness of these programs.

Scientific Peer Review lies at the heart of our work in support of clients.  This objective peer review ensures that resource support those project that will lead to important scientific and health advances.  Our scientific review process allows each program to identify and support the very best projects that further an organization’s mission and vision through the following general approach:

  1. Identify the philanthropic goals of each research funding entity in consultation with their trustees and senior administrators.
  2. Prepare a request for applications that is consistent with the client’s overall goals and mission;
  3. Disseminate the request for applications using our extensive database of institutional contacts throughout the United States and internationally and accept applications via our online portal.
  4. Convene a scientific review committee to provide objective reviews of each proposal.
  5. Present the results of the scientific review committee to the funder for final funding decisions.
  6. Notify applicants of the outcomes. As a service to the scientific community, we do our best to provide reviewers’ comments to benefit each applicant.
  7. Continue follow-up with all Award Recipients with respect to progress, financial, and final reporting

Click here for additional information on our grantmaking programs: The Medical Foundation page.

Community Health Grantmaking