Our Purpose

Innovative ideas, multi-sector partners, and creative solutions. At HRiA, we improve population health by catalyzing social change within and among individuals, institutions and communities.

As a public health institute, a belief and commitment to equity is central to our work. We believe that good health is a right, not a privilege. So, how do we as a society attain health equity? How do we ensure health and safety in the places where we live, work, and play? How do we ensure equitable access to information, fair distribution of resources, adequate investment in biomedical research, and empowerment of citizens? This is our work.

For HRiA, health equity is where population health, policy, research, and practice come together. We work at the junction of these approaches helping clients and funders in private philanthropy; local, state, and federal government; community organizations; and health care systems address and solve some of the nation’s most fundamental health challenges.

Our Vision
A world where social conditions and equitable resources foster healthy people in healthy communities.

Our Mission
To help people live healthier lives and create healthy communities through prevention, health promotion, policy and research.

Our Values

  • Commitment to social justice in our work
  • Excellence and innovation in our approach
  • Responsive, respectful, and flexible with our clients
  • Leadership where there is need; Collaboration where there are opportunities
  • Passion and thoughtfulness in our endeavors
  • Diversity in our organizational practices

Our Approach

At HRiA, we have developed our own health equity framework – centered on racial equity – that guides both our internal policies and processes, as well as our work with communities, partners, and clients.

Learn more about our Health Equity Framework.