Allyson Auerbach, MPH

Allyson Auerbach , MPH

Director, Research & Evaluation


Allyson Auerbach is a Director on the Research and Evaluation team. In this role, Allyson develops comprehensive research plans, conducts community health assessments, and evaluates the impact of health programs and policies. Allyson has significant quantitative and qualitative research experience organizing, collecting, analyzing, and reporting data for numerous assessments and evaluations, including several assessments that have focused on behavioral health. For the 2021 Statewide Assessment of Gambling and Problem Gambling in Illinois, Allyson led the stakeholder engagement and qualitative data components. Allyson has previously served as an evaluation manager for the Si Texas behavioral health integration evaluation, a study of integrated behavioral health models at nine sites throughout South Texas. Allyson has also managed an assessment of the impact of energy development on the behavioral health of women in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota. In earlier years at HRiA, Allyson has been the project manager and core researcher for two county-level behavioral health assessments in Maryland. Prior to joining HRiA, Allyson worked in Southeastern Massachusetts where she provided technical assistance and training to substance abuse coalitions regarding assessment, planning, and implementation of policy, systems, and environmental strategies. Allyson holds a Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Bachelor of Science degree in public health from Haverford College.