Angela K.

Senior Clinical Manager, Helplines

Angela K. is the Senior Clinical Manager of the Helplines. She brings to this work a passion for addressing the ways that mental health and systemic social change are interrelated. Over the past twenty years, she has been active in intersecting justice movements, which has included organizing for peace, racial justice, immigrants’ rights, affordable housing, and youth empowerment, managing neighborhood-based health equity and community action programs, coordinating immersion learning journeys and facilitating popular education trainings. She has also served as an outpatient clinician in settings that focus on strengths-based, trauma-informed, and culturally-responsive services and seek to remove barriers to accessing care. Her work on the Helplines is informed by years of lived experience helping loved ones navigate substance use services, and in memory of her brother Jonathan, she has spoken at Overdose Awareness Day vigils, co-facilitated The Opioid Project’s art and story-telling workshops, and led outreach efforts to support people seeking recovery and harm reduction supports.

She holds a BA in Public & Community Service Studies from Providence College, a graduate certificate in Women, Politics & Public Policy from UMass Boston, an M.S. in Human Services and Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College, and considers the communities in which she has lived, worked, and organized among her greatest teachers.