Gina Rodriguez

Gina San Inocencio

Associate Director, Training & Capacity Building

Gina San Inocencio is an Associate Director of Training & Capacity Building at HRiA. She joined in 2016 as a Project Manager. She has over 10 years of experience working with youth and adults in Boston, including facilitating trainings, working in classrooms with Boston Public School teachers, and forging relationships between the Boston Police Department and community members in some of Boston’s most disenfranchised neighborhoods. Before joining HRiA, Gina worked with pregnant and parenting teens at Crittenton Women’s Union, mentoring and providing one-on-one services to help them achieve their goals. Gina received her youth worker certification from Boston After School and Beyond, and recently graduated from the Paraprofessional Development Program through the Boston Public School Office of Human Capital.

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