headshot of Karey Kenst

Karey Kenst

Associate Director, Organizational Growth & Equity, the HAVI


Karey Kenst serves as Associate Director of Organizational Growth and Equity at the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention (HAVI), a fiscally sponsored program of HRiA. In this role, they focus on developing systems that embed equity-driven processes throughout the organization. Karey is dedicated to creating organizational policies, systems, and procedures that enable people to do their best work alongside and in collaboration with each other.

Prior to joining the HAVI, Karey consulted with local businesses to enhance organizational effectiveness, equity, and employee well-being. Karey has worked in Boston hospitals for over a decade, collaborating on and leading local and national programs at Boston Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital to eliminate racial and ethnic inequities in health and healthcare. Prior to this, they worked with the international organization, Oxfam America, and the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault. In all of their work, Karey is invested in collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches that reach beyond clinical settings to address the social determinants of health.

Karey holds a Master of Public Health from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin. In addition to their professional work, Karey is a photographer, textile artist, dog lover, and nature enthusiast.