Kathy D. , CRS

Screening & Information Specialist III

Kathy is a Screening & Information Specialist for the MA and IL Helplines. She has worked at HRiA since 2009, and has been in recovery since 1984. Prior to joining HRiA, she was the director of two residential treatment programs. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services, a Graduate Level Certificate in Social Justice and Theology, and is a Certified Community Resource Specialist. Part of Ms. Dwyer’s career has included the development of trainings and curricula for other substance abuse professionals, as well as participation in various projects including Case-by-Case: Boston Infant Mortality Review Project and Sheltering Women Who Have Been Battered. Beyond her work with the Helpline, Ms. Dwyer is involved in efforts to address racism and to eliminate the statute of limitation on crimes of sexual abuse.