Kerrin Maldonis , MEd, LADC-I



Kerrin Maldonis is a Clinician/Supervisor at HRiA, providing clinical support for the Massachusetts and Illinois Helplines. Prior to her work at HRiA, she was as a Program Manager for homeless individuals in Emergency Shelter and Permanent Supportive Housing. Her extensive experience includes working at Andrew House Detox as Clinical Director, Partners Emergency Department as a Psych Triage Clinician, and Caritas as an Inpatient Clinician. Her clinical experience and treatment expertise include a variety of areas such as working in acute mental health settings, dual diagnosis residential treatment, judicial systems and community outpatient programs. Ms. Maldonis earned her Bachelor’s degree from Salem State College in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Education, with concentrations in Counseling Psychology and Addiction Studies, from Cambridge College. She is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. She is passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding addiction and removing barriers that prevent people from accessing treatment.