Rana Saeed

Coordinator, Peer Learning


Rana Saeed is a Coordinator for Peer Learning at the HAVI, a fiscally sponsored program of HRiA. Prior to joining the HAVI, Rana worked as a Research Program Assistant for the STD Surveillance Network (SSuN) project funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the Baltimore City Health Department. Through patient interviews and collaboration with local providers to access medical records, they were able to better streamline sexually transmitted infection(s) (STI) reporting in the city. This information was used to track patterns in incidence and prevalence of gonorrhea, help in its prevention, and provide referrals for treatment. Rana’s primary interests are health disparity trends and fostering relevant, accessible resources. She is constantly striving to center marginalized communities, particularly those of identities that she holds. They are passionate about health equity and tending to the needs of those most oppressed. Rana received their Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Studies with a Minor in Africana Studies from Johns Hopkins University.