Biomedical Research Grantmaking: Programs at a Glance

King Trust – Basic SciencePostdoctoral FellowsMassachusettsBasic ScienceTwo-year Fellowships
King Trust – Clinical/Health ServicesPostdoctoral Fellows OR Mentored Clinical ResearchersMassachusettsClinical and Health Services ResearchTwo-year Fellowships
Patterson TrustMentored Clinical ResearchersConnecticut, New Jersey, and Rhode IslandClinical Research focusing on patient-oriented or translational laboratory researchTwo-year Awards
Hood Foundation – Child HealthJunior Faculty New EnglandClinical, Basic Science, Public Health, Health Services, and Epidemiology research relevant to child healthTwo-year Awards
Jeffress Trust501(c)3 Organizations; Municipalities VirginiaResearch Advancing Health Equity2-3 year Awards
Smith Family FoundationJunior FacultyMassachusetts, Yale University, and Brown UniversityBasic Science research by newly independent facultyThree-year Awards
Smith Family Foundation: Odyssey AwardJunior FacultyMassachusetts, Yale University, and Brown UniversityBasic Science research by newly independent facultyTwo-year
Hood Foundation – Major GrantsSenior FacultyNew EnglandResearch focused on Neonatology or Brain Science and Child DevelopmentTwo-year Awards TBA
Falk Research Trust – Catalyst AwardsSenior FacultyMidwestern U.S. Focus (Selected Institutions)Intersection of Technology and Clinical Sciences to develop solutions, techniques and tools1-2 year Awards
Falk Research Trust – Transformational AwardsSenior FacultyMidwestern U.S. Focus (Selected Institutions)Bridge to the technology transfer process to move health care innovation to market1-3 year
Geneen TrustSenior FacultyNortheastern U.S. Focus (Invitation Only)Prevention and Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease and Circulatory FailureTwo-year Awards
Noonan Memorial Research FundJunior/Senior Faculty and Employees of Community Based OrganizationsGreater BostonSupporting Improvements in the Quality of Life for Children and Adolescents with DisabilitiesTwo-year Awards
Thome Memorial Foundation -Age-related Macular DegenerationSenior Faculty United StatesTranslational Research to improve therapies for individuals suffering from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)Two-year Awards
Thome Memorial Foundation – Alzheimers DiseaseSenior Faculty United StatesDrug Discovery Research for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)Two-year Awards