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  • JAMA Study Finds Gender Gap in Biomedical Research Funding

    Men Scientists Received More Than Twice the Startup Funding of Women A study by Health Resources in Action’s Medical Foundation published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) finds that women received significantly less financial support from biomedical research institutions than men early in their careers. The study, focused on a group… Read more »

  • HRiA Releases New Community Toolkit on Water Fluoridation

    Despite its proven effectiveness at promoting oral health in a safe, cost-effective, and equitable manner, water fluoridation cannot win on its scientific merits alone. Unfounded claims and half-truths promoted by a very small but vocal, well-organized minority opposed to water fluoridation have prompted a longstanding, heated political discourse. Health Resources in Action (HRiA) has piloted… Read more »

  • HRiA Leads Multi-Million Dollar Evaluation Effort in South Texas

    In evaluation efforts, Health Resources in Action (HRiA) employs a vigorous scientific approach while also building the capacity of organizations to integrate evaluation into their work. This is true for HRiA’s newest project, a $2.75 million evaluation of SÍ Texas: Social Innovation for a Healthy South Texas. SÍ Texas, based in San Antonio, is sponsored by the… Read more »

  • HRiA Responds to the Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts

    HRiA Responds to the Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts

    Since 1996, HRiA has operated the Massachusetts Substance Abuse Information and Education Helpline, providing free and confidential information and referrals for alcohol and other drug abuse problems. The Helpline is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, and is staffed by experienced, certified Information and Referral Specialists with access… Read more »