Type: Employee

Meghan Guptill

Meghan Guptill, MPH

Ms. Guptill is a Senior Research Associate at HRiA, providing day-to-day project management and data collection and synthesis for a range of clients, including hospitals, city and state governments, and community-based organizations. She has experience with both qualitative and quantitative research, with a focus on working with historically under-served and hard-to-reach populations. Prior to joining… Read more »

Heather Sumba

Heather Sumba

Heather Sumba is a Senior Manager on the Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness team at HRiA. Ms. Sumba has over 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector, primarily in administration and operations supporting organizational growth. Prior to joining HRiA, Ms. Sumba was Senior Manager of International Operations at the Center for Reproductive Rights, a… Read more »

Lisa Arsenault

Lisa Arsenault, PhD

Dr. Arsenault has worked in public health program evaluation and community-based research for over 10 years. As a senior member of HRiA’s Research & Evaluation department, Dr. Arsenault designs and leads program evaluations and needs assessments with a wide range of public and private sector clients including hospitals, public health departments, school districts, nonprofits business,… Read more »

Krista Moore

Krista Moore is a Human Resources Partner at HRiA. Ms. Moore serves as a strategic advisor to selected departments within the organization to create a culture of ownership, diversity, respect, equity, and inclusion. She also leads the talent acquisition efforts across the organization. She has extensive experience with non-profit organizations. Before joining HRiA, she worked… Read more »

Elizabeth Showalter

Elizabeth Showalter

Elizabeth Showalter is a Research Associate on the Research and Evaluation team. She is experienced in cleaning and analyzing large and small datasets, using SAS, SPSS, and R statistical programming packages. Ms. Showalter led the cleaning and analysis of complex survey data for the 2021 Statewide Assessment of Gambling and Problem Gambling in Illinois. She… Read more »

Charlene Mancusi

Ms. Mancusi is currently a Director with the Biomedical Research Grantmaking team. She originally joined HRiA in 2015 as Director of the North Shore Community Health Network, and has also served as a Program Officer for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Pipeline to Proposal Award Program. Her background includes over 10 years of experience… Read more »

Robert S.


Robert S. is a Screening & Information Specialist with the Helpline, and a Certified Community Resource Specialist. He began his work at HRiA as a volunteer with the Helpline in 2006. Robert shares his compassion, empathy, reliability, and professionalism with the team and Helpline callers. Before joining HRiA, he worked a number of customer service jobs.

Kelly Danckert

Kelly Danckert is a Program Manager with the Vermont HelpLink at HRiA. SMs. Danckert is an experienced trainer and facilitator, with additional expertise in web development and communication planning, substance use, addiction, harm reduction. She is passionate about creating a world that is more environmentally-sound. Prior to joining HRiA in 2016 as an Events &… Read more »

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is an Associate Director of Training & Capacity Building at HRiA. She joined in 2016 as a Project Manager. She has over 10 years of experience working with youth and adults in Boston, including facilitating trainings, working in classrooms with Boston Public School teachers, and forging relationships between the Boston Police Department and… Read more »

Natalie Cashin

Natalie Cashin, MA

Natalie Cashin is a Senior Program Manager for the Training & Capacity Building team at HRiA. Natalie manages the Racial Equity and Leadership trainings for 18,000 City of Boston employees. In her work on this project, she developed trainings that all city employees will partake in, in addition to helping lead the onboarding of twenty… Read more »

Elizabeth Reardon

Elizabeth Reardon

Elizabeth Reardon is a Manager, Substance Use Services at HRiA. Ms. Reardon has over 15 years of experience working in community-based public health programs focused on youth development, domestic and sexual violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention. She has worked as a community organizer and has experience in program development, public awareness campaign development, and… Read more »

Cristina Figueroa

Ms. Figueroa joined HRiA in 2016. A graduate from the University of Massachusetts Boston, Ms. Figueroa has a strong passion for helping others, which fuels her interest in public health. She began working for HRiA as an intern for The 84 Movement, where she helped empower youth to get involved in their communities to help… Read more »

Luz Garces

Luz Garces

Luz Garces is a Senior Associate, Payroll & Workforce Data at HRiA. Before joining HRiA, she was a bookkeeper and Administration & Finance Coordinator at Child Care Resource Center, Inc. Ms. Garces earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Dominican O&M University (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).  

Julius Juuko

Julius Juuko is a Senior Fulfillment Center Manager at HRiA, providing management and oversight for the MA Health Promotion Clearinghouse. Mr. Juuko develops and sustains positive client/community relations while managing the dissemination and maintenance of a vast inventory of public health education materials. He has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University… Read more »

Tamika R. Francis

Tamika Francis

Ms. Francis is the Community Engagement Manager for the Let’s Get Healthy, Boston! (LGHB) a U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Partnerships to Improve Community Health program. She has Caribbean heritage, and has lived or worked on several islands on bilateral international development projects funded by the World Bank, USAID, and the European Union. She… Read more »

Jamiah Tappin

Jamiah Tappin

Jamiah Tappin is a Director on both the Grantmaking and Health & Racial Equity teams at HRiA. Jamiah works to strengthen neighborhood partnerships across sectors, building shared understanding of values rooted in equity and movement toward collective impact. She supports the Community Health Grantmaking team in facilitating processes and allocation of resources between Boston-based hospitals… Read more »

Keith H.

Keith H. is a Screening & Information Specialist for the MA and IL Helplines, and a Certified Community Resource Specialist. He bring his life experiences, social skills, and drive to excel at the duties that are required of him. Keith brings a consistent, reliable, professional presence to the department as well as a respectable sense… Read more »

Kathy D.

Kathy is a Screening & Information Specialist for the MA and IL Helplines. She has worked at HRiA since 2009, and has been in recovery since 1984. Prior to joining HRiA, she was the director of two residential treatment programs. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services, a Graduate Level Certificate in Social… Read more »

Anthony A.

Anthony is a Screening & Information Specialist III with the MA and IL Helplines, with a specialization in mentorship. He is a person in recovery, dedicated to his sobriety since April 22, 2008. Before joining the Helpline, he worked with the Caspar Residential Treatment Program for several years. He is a Certified Community Resource Specialist,… Read more »

Steve Ridini

Steven Ridini, EdD

Dr. Ridini is President and CEO of HRiA. He has over 25 years of experience working in public health within the US and internationally. He has extensive experience providing training and technical assistance to hospitals, health departments, health centers, and foundations on community health assessments, health improvement planning, and strategic implementation planning. Dr. Ridini also has a proven… Read more »

Brittany Chen

Brittany Chen, DrPH

Brittany Chen, DrPH, is the Vice President of Health Equity at Health Resources in Action. She has extensive expertise in policy research, analysis, and translation, community engagement and mobilization, training and facilitation, and youth development. In her role, she oversees HRiA’s internal health equity strategic planning work, and conducts health and racial equity assessment, capacity… Read more »

Kathleen Murray

Kathleen Murray

Kathleen Murray is a Managing Director of HR and Operations at HRiA. Ms. Murray is a versatile and dedicated human resources (HR) professional who believes in building and fostering a positive and supportive employee culture. She has a strong background in HR systems implementation, benefits, recruiting and employee engagement. She takes pride in being involved… Read more »

Mitzi Fennel

Mitzi Fennel, MBA

Ms. Fennel has over 20 years of nonprofit management experience at the senior level. As Chief Operating Officer at HRiA, Ms. Fennel oversees internal operations including finance, administration, human resources, and information technology. Skilled in strategic management, planning, and operational systems development, she integrates finance and operations with organizational and program goals. She holds a Master of… Read more »

Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers is a Director of Planning & Facilitation on the Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness team at HRiA. Kevin has been at HRiA since 2015, serving as a Sr. Project Associate on the Policy & Practice team followed by Associate Director on the Community Health Grantmaking team. Recently, he has helped lead the strategic… Read more »

Jeremy T. Holman

Jeremy Holman

Dr. Holman has over 20 years of experience in public health, with a focus on building and sustaining effective organizations and diverse teams to accomplish public health goals. Throughout his career, he has helped stakeholders tackle complex public health challenges by developing and implementing high quality programs and solutions, building the capacity of community-based organizations to achieve… Read more »

Allyson Auerbach

Allyson Auerbach, MPH

Allyson Auerbach is a Director on the Research and Evaluation team. In this role, Allyson develops comprehensive research plans, conducts community health assessments, and evaluates the impact of health programs and policies. Allyson has significant quantitative and qualitative research experience organizing, collecting, analyzing, and reporting data for numerous assessments and evaluations, including several assessments that… Read more »

Mo Barbosa

Mo Barbosa

Mo Barbosa is a Senior Director of Community Engagement at HRiA. Prior to joining HRiA, he was Program Coordinator for the Fellowship Center in St. Louis, MO and Director of the Area 4 Youth Center in Cambridge, MA. Mo delivers training, provides technical assistance, and participates in field-building initiatives. He promotes the professionalization of the… Read more »

Amanda K. Henry

Amanda Ayers

Amanda K. Henry is a Managing Director of Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness at HRiA. Ms. Henry has been working in the field of public health for nearly 20 years, and has expertise in strategic planning, evidence-based prevention, coalition development, capacity building, and sustainability. Her work on CHA-CHIP and strategic implementation planning in several states… Read more »

Carly K. Caminiti

As a youth advocate since 2000, Ms. Caminiti has extensive experience in the field of tobacco control. While living in Spain, she worked on smoke-free policies ranging from local, campus-wide policies to national policies. She has worked for organizations such as the American Lung Association of Illinois-Greater Chicago, the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, and the Center… Read more »

Rose Purrelli Swensen

Rose Purrelli Swensen, MBA

Rose Swensen is a Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness at HRiA. For over 20 years, Ms Swensen has helped a broad range of organizations, including educational institutions, public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and public health-focused community coalitions, achieve and sustain excellence. She is an experienced management consultant skilled in strategic planning, organizational development,… Read more »

Lisa Aslan

Lisa Aslan

Ms. Aslan is a public health professional with over 12 years of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating community-based programs for adolescents. After completing an MPH at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Lisa returned to New York City where she served as the Director of Special Projects overseeing HIV/AIDS services at the Ryan/Chelsea Clinton Community… Read more »

Daisy P. Ortega

Daisy Ortega

Ms. Ortega is Managing Director of Training and Capacity Building at HRiA. In this role, she works tirelessly to deliver cutting-edge capacity building programs focused on youth development, program improvement and planning, and community building and mobilization. She has expertise in the positive youth development approach, supervising youth, curriculum development, community building, conflict resolution, program… Read more »

Erika Gaitan

Erika Gaitan is a Senior Manager of Community Impact on the Health & Racial Equity team at HRiA. In her role, she collaborates with public and private partners to support the adoption of methods to increase community power in neighborhood, municipal, and state level decision-making. She has extensive experience in community based participatory research, training… Read more »

Bora Toro

Bora Toro

Ms. Toro joined HRiA in 2014 as a volunteer and now serves as Finance Coordinator for the Administration and Finance team. She has five years of experience as a statistician at the Institute of Statistics in Albania. Ms. Toro received a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master of Science in European Economics Studies in February 2013. She is… Read more »

Stacey Chacker

Ms. Chacker is Project Director of several initiatives at HRiA, including the Asthma Regional Council and New England Asthma Innovation Collaborative. She is a leader on policy, advocacy, and research on environmental health/justice issues at community and governmental levels, including promoting sustainable financing for Community Health Workers. Ms. Chacker previously served as Director of Organizing at Neighborhood of Affordable… Read more »

Karen Schoneman

Karen Schoneman, MA

Karen Schoneman is a Managing Director of Health Communication at HRiA. Ms. Schoneman works with clients to develop and implement communication and marketing strategies to improve the health of a variety of populations. She has over 15 years of experience in strategic communication planning, qualitative research, creative direction, media planning, digital strategies, and content development…. Read more »

Valerie Polletta

Valerie Polletta

Valerie Polletta is a Managing Director of Community & Culture Transformation at HRiA. She has over 15 years of experience working in public health. She was previously a Director of Research & Evaluation, where she developed and implemented research plans to inform programs and measure impact, including conducting community health assessments and evaluation studies for… Read more »

Laurie Jo Wallace

Ms. Wallace has spent the last 27 years promoting healthy communities and healthy youth in Boston. She has expertise in peer leadership, program development, curriculum development, coalition building, youth/adult collaboration, conflict resolution, physical health and healthy eating, and alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention. In her role as Managing Director of Training & Capacity Building at HRiA,… Read more »

Donna Burke

Donna Burke

Donna Burke is a Director in the Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness team at HRiA. Ms. Burke has extensive experience in strategic planning, training, and organizational development. At HRiA, she has facilitated processes in 10 states to develop more than 30 community health improvement, strategic, organizational development, and community benefits strategic implementation plans, addressing a… Read more »

Lina Jew

Lina Jew

Ms. Jew joined the Policy & Practice team at HRiA in 2015 as a Program Coordinator. She previously worked at the Brookline Department of Public Health, where she supported a number of community health initiatives ranging from domestic violence prevention to Lyme disease prevention. She also worked as a policy analyst at Health Canada, where she focused  on… Read more »