Type: Employee

Ericia Bramwell

Ericia Bramwell is the Development and Marketing Coordinator at HRiA. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology from Denison University as well as extensive experience in nonprofit marketing, communications, and diversity and equity work.

Eva Chow

Eva Chow is a Research Assistant at HRiA, providing data and research related support on the Research & Evaluation team. Prior to joining HRiA, Eva worked in both research and diversity, equity, and inclusion settings. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts Amherst…. Read more »

Geri Medina

Geri Medina is a Senior Program Manager in the Policy and Practice Team at HRiA. She supports the COVID-19 Community Grants Program and serves as a liaison to a cohort of community-based, faith-based, or other public health and health care organizations to assess needs and opportunities for capacity building support. Prior to HRiA, Geri worked… Read more »

Paula Giraldo

Paula Giraldo is a Public Health Associate in the Policy & Practice team at HRiA sponsored by the CDC’s Public Health Associate Program. Born in Cali, she was raised in northern New Jersey and eventually settled in her favorite city, Boston. She graduated from Boston University in May 2021, where she majored in Biology and… Read more »

Angela K.

Angela K. is the Senior Clinical Manager of the Helplines. She brings to this work a passion for addressing the ways that mental health and systemic social change are interrelated. Over the past twenty years, she has been active in intersecting justice movements, which has included organizing for peace, racial justice, immigrants’ rights, affordable housing,… Read more »

Chenchen Hensz

Chenchen Hensz is a Program Associate on the Biomedical Research Grantmaking team at HRiA. In her role, she supports the activities of the Massachusetts Community Health and Healthy Aging Funds. Prior to joining HRiA, Chenchen worked in human services and higher education settings, with experiences in cross-cultural community development, event planning, and fund management. Chenchen… Read more »

Juard Barnes

Juard Barnes is a Senior Advisor, Training & Technical Assistance for The HAVI, a fiscally sponsored program of HRiA. He is a Preacher/Lecturer/Pastor and Freedom Fighter who works with the most marginalized of our community to build a Moral Vision of Inclusion geared to impacting the systemic injustice facing our communities. For Juard, the true… Read more »

Kaitlyn Figueroa

Kaitlyn Figueroa is a Program Officer on the Community Health Grantmaking team at HRiA. In this role, she manages grantmaking operations for both the MA Community Health and Healthy Aging Program, as well as the Community Grants Program. She joined as a Grants Associate in 2021 supporting the MassHealth Provider Access Improvement Grant Program (PAIGP)… Read more »

Ben Wood

Ben Wood is a Senior Director, Policy and Practice at HRiA. In his role, he supports communities, local and state governments, foundations and others in shifting the narrative of what public health and health care systems prioritize for action with an emphasis on solutions that impact the root causes of health and racial inequities. This… Read more »

Erica Rogers

Erica Rogers is the Marketing Manager for the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances at HRiA. Prior to joining HRiA, she honed her marketing skills for an Illinois-based Realtor Association and is glad to be returning to public health. She has worked in local public health as a Health Educator and as the Medical… Read more »

Amber Green

Amber Green is a Technical Assistance Associate for the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances at HRiA. Ms. Green received her BS in Health Education in 2018 at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Prior to HRiA, she has worked for multiple hospitals in different roles along with having personal experiences/relations that tie her to the… Read more »

Yvonne Tse

Yvonne Tse is a Web Development Manager at HRiA. She builds and maintains HRiA’s portfolio of websites. Yvonne has been a web developer for over 10 years, previously working for Brafton.

Sophia Roderick

Sophia Roderick is an HR Administrative & Training Associate at HRiA.

Jennifer Masdea

Jennifer Masdea

Jennifer Masdea is the Training Director on the Health & Racial Equity team at HRiA. As an experienced strategist, program evaluator, facilitator, and project manager that is dedicated to the integration of racial equity and public health practice, Jennifer envisions a world where systemic racism no longer impedes one’s ability to lead a self-determined life… Read more »

Juliana Libardi Maia

Juliana Libardi Maia is Associate Director of Problem Gambling Services in the Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness Team at HRiA. She supports the implementation of several MA DPH Office of Problem Gambling Services initiatives, including Project Build Up and the MA Technical Assistance Center for Problem Gambling Treatment. Prior to HRiA, Juliana has worked with… Read more »

Kate Holmes

Kate Holmes is a Senior Manager for the Policy and Practice team at Health Resources in Action.  Prior to joining HRiA in 2021, Ms. Holmes worked as a Program Manager at the National Network of Public Health Institutes, mobilizing its national network of 40+ public health institutes to engage in school health initiatives, learning collaboratives,… Read more »

Richard Young

Rich Young is a Manager of Helpline Services at HRiA.

Olayimikia W.

Olayimikia W. is a Screening & Information Specialist for the Helplines at HRiA.

Cindy B.

Cindy B. is a Screening & Information Specialist with the MA, IL, and VT Helplines at HRiA. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a Certificate in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling from UMASS Boston, is a Certified Community Resource Specialist, and has plans of pursuing a Master’s degree in the future…. Read more »

Kayla F.

Kayla F. is a Screening & Information Specialist for the Helplines at HRiA.

Windia R.

Windia R. is a Screening & Information Specialist for the Helplines at HRiA.

Kyra Robins

Kyra Robins is a Communications Associate on the Policy & Practice team at HRiA. She supports marketing and communication strategies for the substance use and problem gambling Helplines. Ms. Robins has a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science from Franklin & Marshall College and a Master of Arts in Health Communication from Bryant University, where… Read more »

Susan Kilroy-Ames

Susan Kilroy-Ames is a Project Manager for the Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness team. She supports a number of projects where she provides her expertise and technical assistance in a variety of public health areas. She previously served as the Director, Epidemiology and Data Services at the Cambridge Public Health Department in Cambridge, MA, where… Read more »

Daniela E.

Daniela is a Bilingual Screening Information Specialist with the MA, VT and IL Helplines. Prior joining HRiA, she worked as Behavioral Therapist serving Spanish-speaking children and families and worked at an Adult Education Center supporting the language needs of the immigrant community of Boston and the Greater Boston Area. Daniela is a Volunteer Interpreter at… Read more »

Bethel A. Woappi

Ms. Woappi is a Senior Manager on the Training & Capacity Building team at HRiA. She supports both the MA COVID-19 Community Grants Program and a capacity building assistance program with the MA Bureau of Substance Addiction Services. Since 2014, Ms. Woappi has worked in hospital, university, and nonprofit settings to develop an expertise in… Read more »

Hilary Sylvester

Hilary Sylvester is a Screening & Information Specialist for the Helplines at HRiA. Hilary obtained a B.S. in Sociology and a M.S. in Criminal Justice with a specialty track of substance abuse studies from Nova Southeastern University. She has experience as an Intake Coordinator at a Low Intensity Residential Treatment Facility and has also done… Read more »

Hermeline P.

Hermeline P. is a Screening & Information Specialist at HRiA. She joined HRiA in 2020 as a clinician and supervisor on the information and referral services team, drawing from experience in managed care for behavioral health, community based mental health, and residential care services. Her interests include equity within the health care system, advocating for… Read more »

Natalia Reynoso

Natalia Reynoso is a Research Analyst on the Research & Evaluation team. In this role, Natalia provides quantitative data support on a variety of community health assessments and evaluation projects by analyzing surveys, summarizing secondary data, and creating visualizations. In their tenure at HRiA, they supported literature review and visualization for the 2021 Statewide Assessment… Read more »

Jasper Lee

Jasper Lee is a Program Associate on the Training & Capacity Building Team at HRiA, primarily supporting youth development trainings and projects. Previously, they were a Care Resource Coordination Supervisor for the Community Tracing Collaborative, Massachusetts’ contact tracing response to COVID-19, ensuring that vulnerable COVID-positive cases and community members had the necessary resources to isolate… Read more »

Lex Vazquez

Lex Vazquez joined HRiA in 2020. He is a Program Associate, focusing on the Racial Equity and Leadership Initiative in the City of Boston. He resides in Boston, where he was born and raised. Before joining HRiA, Lex worked as the Assistant Director of the Brookline Arts Center and as the Art Program Coordinator for… Read more »

Aurora GrantWingate

Aurora GrantWingate

Aurora GrantWingate joined HRiA in 2020. She is the Member & Partner Engagement Manager for the National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW). In her position, she coordinates NACHW’s strategic partnership with the Morehouse School of Medicine’s National COVID-19 Resiliency Network (NCRN) and assists with other projects concerning equity in COVID-19 care and vaccine distribution…. Read more »

Arielle Wilson-Dodard

Arielle Wilson-Dodard, MPH, joined HRiA in 2020 to support the City of Boston REAL training program. Before joining HRiA, Arielle worked at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre in Scotland as a clinical trials coordinator where she implemented trial assessments and managed patient data. She has also previously worked in research grants and project evaluation in community… Read more »

Elizabeth Bice

Elizabeth Bice

Elizabeth Bice is a Program Associate, supporting projects for the Strategic Planning and Organizational Effectiveness team at HRiA.  She devotes most of her time to the MA Problem Gambling TA Center, aiming to build the capacity of organizations to provide problem gambling treatment services and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in treatment access and outcomes…. Read more »

Sherah Liverpool-Archer

Sherah Liverpool-Archer is a Senior Manager of Training & Technical Assistance at The HAVI. A Guyanese native, Sherah is passionate about serving communities of color. She comes from a diverse background including public health administration, leadership development, and NGO capacity building. These experiences have allowed Sherah many opportunities to work within frameworks where racial equity,… Read more »

Joe Kim

Joe Kim is the Associate Director for Training and Technical Assistance at The HAVI. He has been working in youth development and violence intervention for the past 10 years. Most recently, he served as Community Health Director at RYSE Center, a community based organization in Richmond, California. Throughout his time at RYSE, he played an… Read more »

Adrian Sanchez

As Senior Manager of Training and Technical Assistance, Adrian fields training and technical assistance requests from cities and programs interested in implementing hospital-based and hospital-linked violence intervention programs, and other public health approaches to violence. In addition to training and technical assistance, Adrian also oversees HAVI’s member services and engagement, peer learning opportunities, and planning/coordination… Read more »

Colleen Armstrong

Colleen Armstrong is a Senior Manager for Training and Technical Assistance at The HAVI. She brings over a decade of experience in gender-based violence prevention and direct victim services to this role. Prior to joining The HAVI, Colleen provided training and technical assistance to audiences across the country ranging from middle schools to elected officials… Read more »

Michelle Stuart

Michelle Stuart (she/ela/ella) is a Program Officer under Community Health Grantmaking at HRiA. As an experienced project manager, analyst, and community organizer she prioritizes equitable grantmaking practices across all her projects and works to ensure that racism and lived experiences of oppression are being addressed, while communities are given the resources and platform they need… Read more »

Juliana Jackson

Juliana Jackson is a Senior Manager, Budget & Contracts on the Administration and Finance team at HRiA. She has spent the majority of her career in nonprofits serving in a variety of roles for mission-driven, multifaceted, and international organizations, with a particular focus on internal administrative support and leadership development. Her additional experience in the… Read more »

Dallas C.

Dallas Clark

Dallas C. is a Screening & Information Specialist for the Helplines at HRiA. He is in long term recovery and was previously a Helpline Champion for over two years. He also works as a recovery coach and as a mentor for the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. He has completed a Black Addiction Counselor Education program… Read more »