Type: Employee

Joe Kim

Joe Kim is the Senior Manager for Training and Technical Assistance at The HAVI. He has been working in youth development and violence intervention for the past 10 years. Most recently, he served as Community Health Director at RYSE Center, a community based organization in Richmond, California. Throughout his time at RYSE, he played an… Read more »

Mariana Garrettson

Mariana Garrettson

Mariana supports the HAVI’s research and evaluation activities and supports the researchers who work with network programs. She is also involved in the HAVI’s training and technical assistance activities through her leadership on the development and implementation of the Violence Prevention Professional Training as well as her leadership of the cohort of 8 sites funded… Read more »

Cathy Motamed

Cathy serves as managing director of capacity building for the HAVI, a fiscally-sponsored program at HRiA. She works to implement the organization’s strategic plan, manages and develops the organization’s executive team, and oversees the three departments within the HAVI’s capacity building cluster. She also contributes content expertise to projects and teams as a technical advisor… Read more »

Adrian Sanchez

As Senior Manager of Training and Technical Assistance, Adrian fields training and technical assistance requests from cities and programs interested in implementing hospital-based and hospital-linked violence intervention programs, and other public health approaches to violence. In addition to training and technical assistance, Adrian also oversees HAVI’s member services and engagement, peer learning opportunities, and planning/coordination… Read more »

Colleen Armstrong

Colleen Armstrong is a Senior Manager for Training and Technical Assistance at The HAVI. She brings over a decade of experience in gender-based violence prevention and direct victim services to this role. Prior to joining The HAVI, Colleen provided training and technical assistance to audiences across the country ranging from middle schools to elected officials… Read more »

Michelle Stuart

Michelle Stuart is a Program Associate on the Community Health Grantmaking team at HRiA. She graduated from UMass Boston with a degree in Psychology. She has a passion for healthcare and experience in qualitative research and community outreach, rooted in racial equity. Before joining HRIA, Ms. Stuart worked with the Brazilian Women’s Group and the… Read more »

Juliana Jackson

Juliana Jackson is a Senior Manager, Budget & Contracts on the Administration and Finance team at HRiA. She has spent the majority of her career in nonprofits serving in a variety of roles for mission-driven, multifaceted, and international organizations, with a particular focus on internal administrative support and leadership development. Her additional experience in the… Read more »

Dallas L. Clark

Dallas Clark

Mr. Clark is an Outreach & Engagement Associate in Western Massachusetts for the MA Helpline. He is in long term recovery and was previously a Helpline Champion for over two years. He also works as a recovery coach and as a mentor for the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. He has completed a Black Addiction Counselor… Read more »

Emma Barry

Emma Barry joined HRiA as Technology & Administrative Coordinator in 2020, in which role she provides support to HRiA staff in administrative and technology tasks, such as virtual meeting support and financial reporting. Ms. Barry has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Elon University with a minor in Religious Studies. Prior to joining… Read more »

Hellen Ddungu

Ms. Hellen Ddungu joined the Clearinghouse Services as Fulfillment Center Coordinator in 2019. In her role, Hellen supports the order fulfillment and customer service activities for the Clearinghouse. She has eight years of experience as a manager in the banking industry, which is a great asset for the Clearinghouse customer service and office management. Hellen… Read more »

Sharita Fauche

Sharita Fauche

Sharita Fauche serves as Co-director of the Collaborative Parent Leadership Action Network (CPLAN). CPLAN works to amplify parent voice in non-traditional spaces to advocate for equitable education for all students across the Commonwealth. In addition to her role at CPLAN, Mrs. Fauche has spent the last two decades working with families who have been affected… Read more »

Bernadine Mavhungu Jeranyama

Bernadine Mavhungu

Ms. Mavhungu is a Senior Communications Associate for the National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW), a fiscally sponsored program of HRiA. Prior to joining HRiA in 2020, Ms. Mavhungu worked at Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Worcester, MA, where she focused on marketing and advancement, as well as health equity. Ms. Mavhungu… Read more »

Kelsey McManus

Kelsey McManus is an Associate Director on the Communications team at HRiA. She supports a wide portfolio of projects, focusing on digital media, branding, marketing, and communications. Before joining HRiA, she worked as the Program Director for the #GoodIsWining social media campaign for the Pope’s visit to the U.S. Previously, Ms. McManus was a middle… Read more »

Lara Bethke

Dr. Lara Bethke holds a PhD in Biological Sciences in Public Health from Harvard where she investigated mechanisms underlying genetic diversity in malaria parasites. She brings extensive experience in scientific research, philanthropy and strategic leadership, having served in various positions with prestigious organizations including the Klarman Family Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the UK’s Institute… Read more »

Ayah Alnahwi

Ayah Alnahwi is a Program Associate in the Training and Capacity Building team. In this role, she supports The 84 Movement. She is deeply passionate about supporting educators in creating joyful and enriching atmospheres for their students. Ayah has been working with young people and teachers to that end since she herself was a young… Read more »

Felicia Chen

Felicia Chen

Felicia Chen joined the Biomedical Research Grantmaking team at Health Resources in Action in 2019, bringing over a decade of experience in all angles of philanthropy. From program management to grant writing, and everything in between, Felicia is especially committed to initiatives that support social justice causes. A tireless advocate for equity and representation, Felicia… Read more »

Natalie Johnson

Natalie Johnson

Natalie Penhale Johnson is a Senior Manager in Education and Training for the Gun Violence Prevention Training Center for Excellence (TC4E). In partnership with UTEC, the TC4E provides training, technical assistance, and network-building to grantees across the state who are engaged in gun violence prevention work using a public health, racial equity, and positive youth… Read more »

Ivelisse Caraballo

Ivelisse Carabello,

Ms. Caraballo is the Co-Executive Director for the Collaborative Parent Leadership Action Network (CPLAN), a sponsored program of HRiA. She is an educational advocate and mother of two who is dedicated to ensuring that her children, along with all children, have access to high-quality educational opportunities. Over the years, Ivelisse has worked to promote systemic… Read more »

Denise Octavia Smith

Denise Octavia Smith is the founding Executive Director of the National Association of Community Health Workers. As a community health worker and health care administration professional, she designs and implements community-centered strategies to achieve equitable, diverse and inclusive partnerships, programs and environments. Through her program development, research, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships, Mrs. Smith pursues a… Read more »

Edward Rand

Ed Rand is a Program Associate with The 84 Movement. For the past ten years, Ed has worked in a variety of jobs to empower young people.  His desire is to help youth find what their passionate about, and then give them a voice to make a difference.  He works closely with The 84 Movement’s… Read more »

Christine Gordon-Davis

Christine Gordon-Davis is a Senior Marketing Manager at HRiA. Ms. Gordon-Davis has extensive experience in project management, stakeholder engagement, health innovation, and writing for various audiences. Prior to joining HRiA, she helped grow and publicize several successful research programs and launch two technology and service start-ups. She has a BA in English, an MPH in… Read more »

Hannah Carliner

Dr. Carliner is a social epidemiologist with expertise on the effects of stress, trauma, and social inequities on risk for psychiatric and substance use disorders across the life course. As a Director in Research and Evaluation, Dr. Carliner led the 2021 Statewide Assessment of Gambling and Problem Gambling in Illinois; she is Evaluation Lead of… Read more »

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard is a Project Manager with the Opioid Overdose Prevention Training Project on the Training & Capacity Building team at HRiA. As an accomplished substance use prevention trainer and facilitator, Mike supports the co-management of the project, specifically planning and executing highly attended and successful Summits and co-facilitating nearly 100 trainings since 2019. Prior… Read more »

Alexis Wing

Alexis Wing is a Program Associate in the Training & Capacity Building team at HRiA. She provides support for the Opioid Overdose Prevention Training Project.  As a recent graduate of The George Washington University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, she has a strong interest in issues surrounding substance use, health equity, and… Read more »

Emily Breen

Emily Breen is a Program Officer on the Grantmaking team at HRiA. In her role, she supports the activities of the Massachusetts Community Health and Healthy Aging Funds. Emily studied human services, with a concentration in food systems and public health, at Northeastern University. She also has experience working at Boston Cares and the Institute… Read more »

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee is the Vice President of Grantmaking at Health Resources in Action. She previously served as the Managing Director for Community Health Grantmaking. Ms. Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in grantmaking and program planning. Prior to joining HRiA, she served as program officer – for more than 10 years –… Read more »

Kerrin Maldonis

Kerrin Maldonis is a Clinician/Supervisor at HRiA, providing clinical support for the Massachusetts and Illinois Helplines. Prior to her work at HRiA, she was as a Program Manager for homeless individuals in Emergency Shelter and Permanent Supportive Housing. Her extensive experience includes working at Andrew House Detox as Clinical Director, Partners Emergency Department as a… Read more »

Oliver Souyavong

Oliver Souyavong

Mr. Oliver Souyavong joined HRIA in 2019, serving the administration and finance team as a Contracts Administrator. He has a diverse background with over ten years in the financial aid sector of the higher education industry. He is an avid learner and enjoys being challenged at work and in the classroom. Mr. Souyavong has a… Read more »

Alexander Fidalgo

Alex Fidalgo is a Senior Training Associate in the Training & Capacity Building team at HRiA. He leads trainings for the Opioid Overdose Training Prevention Program. Alex has been providing peer recovery services and supervision for many years in communities around Massachusetts, including Worcester and Springfield. As a person in long-term recovery, Alex works as… Read more »

Kit Spy

Ms. Spy joined HRiA as a Communication Associate in 2019. She supports the MA and IL Helplines, as well as the Opioid Overdose Prevention Training Project. Her background is in content creation, including print and digital design, website management, email marketing, and social media management. Prior to joining HRiA, she worked as a development and… Read more »

Chelsea McCarron

Chelsea McCarron is the Associate Director for the Helplines at HRiA. Ms. McCarron joined HRiA in 2019 as the Project Manager for the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances. She has over 10 years of experience working in community health, including outreach and engagement work with homeless and individuals with active SUD, healthy lifestyle… Read more »

Priyokti Rana

Ms. Rana joined HRiA in 2019 as a Research Assistant where she is involved in work with community health assessments and evaluation studies. She provides research and data related support through gathering and summarizing secondary data, developing and programming surveys, and data cleaning and management. She is passionate about health equity and has contributed to… Read more »

Annie Rushman

Annie Rushman, MPH

Annie Rushman is an Associate Director on the Research & Evaluation team at HRiA. Ms. Rushman has extensive experience in policy analysis, public health program development and evaluation, and Medicaid policy and operations. She has worked on numerous projects applying the public health lens to health care, both at HRiA working on a CMMI-funded project… Read more »

Jacqueline Wall

Jacqueline Wall

Jacqueline Wall is a Manager, Data & Quality Improvement in the Helpline team at HRiA. She is manages databases of substance use and related service providers, as well as contributing to creating qualitative & quantitative reports and data visualizations. Jacqueline has a Master of Public Health from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and… Read more »

Amanda S.

Nicole Robertson

Nicole Robertson is a Senior Research Associate on the Research & Evaluation team at HRiA. She supports community health needs assessments and program evaluation initiatives. Her areas of expertise include survey development, secondary data summarization, and analysis of focus group and key informant interview data. Prior to joining HRiA, Ms. Robertson worked as a Research… Read more »

Edgar Duran-Elmudesi

Mr. Duran Elmudesi is a recent graduate from Boston College. He holds a master’s degree in Social Work, with a concentration on Health and Mental Health. During his time there, he interned at the Boston Public Health Commission in their office of Health Equity. In his role as a Project Associate in the Policy and… Read more »

Lauren Ansong dePass

Lauren Ansong, MPH

Lauren Ansong dePass is a Program Manager on the Training & Capacity Building team at HRiA. Her interests include child and adolescent health, substance use prevention, maternal health outcomes and racial and health equity. Ms. Ansong dePass earned a Bachelor of Science in sociology from Boston University and Master of Public Health in Urban Health… Read more »

Tonayo Crow

Tonayo Crow is a Program Associate on the Training & Capacity Building team at HRiA. She provides support to the the Community Health Training Institute (CHTI) and the BEST Initiative. Originally from the Seattle area, Ms. Crow graduated from Colby College with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Environmental Studies. She is passionate about public… Read more »

Gracie Rolfe

Gracie Rolfe, MSW

Gracie Rolfe is a Project Manager on the Training & Capacity Building team at HRiA. Currently, she works on the Opioid Overdose Prevention Training Project, developing and refining training curricula, conducting in-person trainings, and providing technical assistance to staff of target organizations and programs across Massachusetts. Before joining HRiA, she worked at Boston Public Health… Read more »